Fertilization & Pest Control

           Unlike large corporate lawn companies, we're locally owned and operated. Our programs are custom designed to fit each and every clients needs. 

HLC offers a full range of fertilization options to feed your lawn and keep it luscious, healthy, and green throughout the year. We also offer treatments for removing those unsightly weeds and controlling pests on lawns and ornamental plants.

Our Treatment services include:

  • Fertilization programs to keep your lawn, shrubs, and trees well-fed, strong, and beautiful.

  • Weed removal and control programs to keep your lawn free of dandelions, crab grass, wild onions, clover, and other unsightly and invasive plants.

  • Pest removal and control programs to get rid of lawn and ornamental pests, such as infestations of grubs, ants, fleas, Japanese beetles, aphids, and other bugs that love to live in your yard.



If you would like a quote on our Fertilization & Pest Control Services, please contact us.  You may also request a free quote on line.