Year Round Fire Ant Control


Higgins Lawn Care is pleased to announce a powerful product line for FIRE ANT control!
It CAN NOT be purchased at the local home improvement stores, e.g. (HD/L). 
It can only be purchased and applied by an Authorized Licensed Pest Control Operator. 
The name of the product is Top Choice. 
It is manufactured by BAYER, a household name to which Iím sure you are familiar with.

The FIRE ANT control is a granular product and is applied only once a year.
  In the beginning, it starts off less aggressive and then with only a little time, all the mounds are gone.  This type of treatment using this product entitles you to free service calls!! 
For further information and pricing, please feel free to call us @ (813) 920-1307 or email us at  Think how nice it would be to watch your kids/dogs play outside without being eaten alive by ANTS!!!

We look forward to servicing your yard soon.