Hi Dawn & Amos ~
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that your guys are out here mowing/trimming when they’re supposed to be  So many companies are irresponsible, and we really do appreciate your efforts!
Thanks very much!!! 
  Higgins Lawn Care is the best! Our previous lawn care company was unable to address a white fly infestation in its beginning stages. After treating with everything from soap to chemicals, the problem just got worse. I tried a variety of well known and respected companies without any success. Fortunately, I found Amos and his lawn care company. Our lawn and landscaping thrived under his care and is the envy of all our neighbors. Amos is reliable and makes lawn care a joy not a chore for the pickiest of homeowners which I am proud say I am....Pam Latimer
  Hi Dawn and Amos,

We had some friends over the other day and one of the first things they said "WOW I've never seen grass this green there's no weeds, no brown spots no nothing how are you managing this yard so well"....WHY it's our awesome lawn service by Dawn and Amos - Higgins Lawn Care.

I (we) wanted to let you know...thank-you for doing such a great job on our lawn it really has been so nice to have a great lawn care service.

Have a great evening, Dave and Lori
Dear Amos,
It's Anita.
I've just come in from walking - barefoot - around the back yard. That's something that I couldn't readily do in the past. But I can now!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Everything is looking so green and healthy and it is wonderful. We've lived here 17 years and this is the best that it has ever looked - and you are the one who helped make that difference. There aren't words enough to tell you how grateful Bruce and I are.
Thank you for all of your hard work, both now and in the future.

Our family is very pleased with the wonderful care our home and landscape receives from Higgins Lawn Care!!!   Our lawn has never looked better and is super healthy thanks to the expert service and constant attention that is rendered by their entire crew!!!   We can rely on HLC to continually  monitor our home and lawn, and correct problems before they arise.  They do a tremendous job with our trees in hurricane preparation as well.    We have  trusted HLC with our home for over 6 years and have always been proud of their attention and availability, and great service!!!  Thank you!!!


Ted Peters






To whom it may concern:


We have had Amos Higgins take care of our yard and trees at Silver Dollar Ranch for the past few years and it is rewarding to have someone that takes pride in their work and are dependable - a trait lost with most people these days.


Dick Wagner


Dear Amos & Dawn,


As you already know, in 2004 we moved from Massachusetts into a new home here in Florida, and quickly found that the grass is quite different than in the Northeast.  I work from home, so my plan was to care for the lawn myself.  Unfortunately, it was often difficult knowing what products will work best, and then understanding the application directions.  The do-it-yourself idea was out, so we first started with one of the biggest companies in lawn care.  We cancelled their service within a few shorts months, since the cost of the exceeded the quality.  Also, their application of chemicals was not consistent, and their response to issues was slow.  We experienced similar problems with two other companies, before we were referred to you by a highly respected family-owned nursery in our community.


When I first met with Amos, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, and knowledge of his field.  No pun intended!  He educated me more about my lawn than anyone had in the past, and even offered to show me how I can care for it myself.  This is rare, since most businesses want you to always be dependent on them, and don’t go out of their way to educate the customer.  This was the biggest selling point for us to use Higgins, not to mention, the service charges are quite reasonable.


Not to brag, but out of the 45 homes in our community, we receive more compliments on the health and rich green color of our lawn than any other.  Now, all lawns are subject to insects, fungus, etc., so when we experience any problems, which is rare, they are addressed in a timely manner.


We are extremely pleased with the outstanding service that Higgins Lawn Care is providing, and recommend them to everyone.



Paul B. of Odessa, FL


No lies have been told here, so like I said, use what you want and thanks again for all you help.


Best regards,